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Which Member Of 1603 Are You?

Somerset place has some interesting residents, and unit 1603 is no joke. If you live on the 16th floor you probably hate them because you can hear screams about boy problems down the hall and the blaring of old 2000's rap! Despite these shared past times, the members are actually quite different

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  1. What are you doing on a Saturday night?

    Going out
    Watching netflix either alone or with s/o
    No one knows, but you're in your room
  2. What's your go to drink?

    Wine and a straw
    Vodka, or wine, or jager, or rum, or...
    tequila, duh.
  3. what are you spending all you money on?

    clothes and shoes
  4. What's the goal when you go to the bar?

    Find some hot eye candy for the night
    Leave by 12am to get food
    to say you're gonna get way drunk and then don't
  5. When you do go out, which bar?

    ceeps 100%
    tbh wherever everyone is going
  6. if someone asked you on a date, how would you respond?

    awkwardly giggle
    "sorry I have a bf"
    probably a polite decline but take their number to sooth their ego
  7. how open are you about sex?

    will provide a visual re-acting of the situation
    won't be able to talk about it without laughing
    will give you every dirty detail, as long as they say TMI first
  8. why can no one find you?

    just left and didn't tell anyone where you were going
    probably asleep under massive pile of clothes
    is either with a guy or is ignoring all people
  9. what do you keep complaining about?

    you want to be single and enjoy life but maybe you want to feel again
    you have no food to eat and you're tired
    this guy is taking more than 10 min to respond when he was responding within seconds before

Which Member Of 1603 Are You?

You got: You got Julia!

This means you're the type to be friends with everyone, no one really has a problem with you. you try to be savage sometimes but it doesn't work out because people know you're not mean. You cry easily, even a dog video can make you tear up and you're probably emotional af all the time. You don't go to the bar anymore because who needs to do that when they have netflix and a boyfriend? you should probably eat more fruit and less bread and cheese, but hey, cheese tastes better. You're probably the feature on everyone's snap story because you're always doing something so ridiculous it needs to be recorded. You could be better at answering texts, but if you don't respond for hours on end it can easily be assumed you're getting laid.

You got Julia!
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You got: You got Kendall!

This means you're a pretty hard person to describe because you've got a lot going on. On one hand you're just a sweet girl who wants to be loved by everyone, but on the other you're a lowkey savage and people are annoying af. You used to be a party animal, but those days have long gone for you and now you get hangovers that could kill you. You still enjoy going out though! (about once a month). You're pretty emotional sometimes, but you do a good job of not letting it be know. You're also probably a hopeless romantic, and when you fall in love you fall hard and fast. The good things is though people know you care.

You got Kendall!
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You got: You got Erin!

Hey did you go out last night? Probably. You're someone who probably has a pretty severe case of FOMO and you hate leaving the party early. On top of that you have a hard time saying no to people, which means you probably get convinced to go out a lot. You likely pretend to lack all human emotions and do a pretty good job of it, some people may even be convinced that you don't have feelings. But, on the inside you're just like anyone else and you truly have those things called feelings, you just have the ability to turn them off like you're some sort of twisted vampire.

You got Erin!
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