16 "Zoo Book" Animal Portraits That Will Blow Your Mind

Get ready to have your life changed by a lemur wearing a sports coat. Big thanks to photographer Yago Partal for creating these.

1. The red squirrel wearing a ruffled asymmetrical coat dress.

2. The ostrich and his jazzy top hat.

3. The bull with a badass shiny jacket.

4. The lemur who dares to bare chest hair.

See the rhyming we did?

5. And the other lemur who appears to be wearing not one, but two layers of comfy camel.

6. The wolf who makes Justin Timberlake consider changing the song to “Suit & Bow tie.”

7. The red panda who isn’t afraid of what stripes will do to his figure.

8. The polar bear sporting scarf flair.

9. The sloth who thinks pink is rad.

10. The horned rhino who wants to look sporty on his motorcycle.

11. The pig who says “Yes!” to Hawaiian prints.

12. The red fox who spiffied up his suit and tie with a little pleather.

13. The perfectly put together panda.

14. The raccoon who found this vest in your garbage can.

15. The tiger who went for an all-American look in all-denim.

16. And the thug pug.

Need even more fashionable animals in your life? Make sure to check out Yago’s website for the full collection of stunning portraits.

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