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    Why Nap Time Should Be Mandatory, As Told By Cats

    From the experts who invented cat naps, comes their plea for daily nap time. Please hear them out, this is very important.

    1. A nap increases stamina, and can even repair muscles and bones.

    So you can finally close your mouth and eyes at the same time.

    2. Napping makes you less of a grump.

    Being sleepy makes you cranky, and a quick nap is an easy mood booster.

    3. If this cat took a 2-5 minute nap, he'd be less likely to feel sleepy the rest of the day.

    It's true! Something as quick as a little cat nap can ward off continued sleepiness.

    4. Stressed out from all that housework? Nap!

    Even if you don't sleep for long, a nap reduces stress and eases you into a more relaxed state.

    5. Napping boosts alertness, so you won't fall asleep while standing.

    One NASA study found that after a 40 minute snooze-fest, their pilots were more alert. It's astronaut tested and approved!

    6. It also improves vision, so you won't fall asleep in weird places.

    Cardboard boxes won't look like beds anymore!

    7. Want to learn more? NAP!

    Your brain activity remains higher when you nap!

    8. Napping is more effective than a cup of coffee.

    9. You know who liked to nap? Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Ronald Reagan, JFK, and even Colonel Meow.

    Facebook: MEGAFOOTS

    These famous nappers are on to something.

    10. Taking a nap will boost your creativity!

    When you take a nap, there's a surge of activity in the right side of your brain (aka the creative side!).

    11. Need to cram for an exam? Naps help improve your short-term memory!

    12. Taking a nap at work can help you get through the rest of the day!

    Emotionally and physically. So just lay your head down, boo.

    13. You can also nap with friends and share a special bonding moment.

    No words, just nap.

    14. Plus, taking a nap makes you cuter.

    15. Like, so cute that people might try to hold you in their hands.

    16. Or bite you!


    18. In conclusion...