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Why A Zombie Girlfriend Is The Best

According to the "Love Bites" music video by The Midnight Beast.

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Are you tired of the warm bodies on OkCupid? Had your fill of talking for hours while eating a three course meal? Do you ever want someone to just...bite you?

Then you should definitely check out this informative music video, "Love Bites," by The Midnight Beast. Turns out, the girl you've been waiting for might be out there, trying to eat your brains!

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Just to recap, here are the top 10 reasons to have a zombie girlfriend:

10. She doesn't talk much, but you'll love her pretty face.

9. She never plays hard to get.

8. Although she always loves a chase.

7. She'll bite you when you're kissing, because she's super passionate.

6. As the song says, "Her eyes are like a constellation twinkling in the dark."

5. And she'll give you little love bites, because she loves to leave a mark.

4. She's an animal in the bedroom and likes to use her teeth.

3. She'll steal your heart.

2. She'll eat your brains.

1. You'll love her till the end.

(Note: Maybe just a girlfriend with a biting fetish will do?!)

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