Which Of The “Sister Wives” Are You Most Like?

Find out if you’re first, second, third or fourth wife material!

Kody Brown lives a polygamous lifestyle with his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, because, according to him, “Love should be multiplied, not divided.”

The real question, though, is this: If you were on the TLC reality show, Sister Wives, would you land a spot as first, second, third or fourth wife?

  1. 1.

    What would be the perfect date with a potential spiritual leader*? (Husband.)

    1. A church social!
    2. A casual hangout with friends.
    3. Something adventurous with a little hint of danger.
    4. Something cute, like dinner and a movie about rainbows.
  2. 2.

    When push comes to polygamous shove, how do you handle stressful situations?

    1. Keep quiet, because you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.
    2. Try and be logical when approaching the situation.
    3. Tend to have knee jerk reactions.
    4. Follow your instincts and speak from the heart.
  3. 3.

    How do you feel about sharing a husband?

    1. It would be a process, but I’d have a full life outside my husband.
    2. Sharing helps you work through insecurities and become stronger.
    3. How could you NOT share a husband?
    4. That’s personal and I won’t answer the question.
  4. 4.

    Would you be active about finding more sister wives?!

    1. Totally! I like to be in charge of each situation.
    2. I’m secure with who I am, but not that secure.
    3. No way. I’d hate to feel replaced.
    4. Yes, but only if it was OK with my sister wives!
  5. 5.

    What do you do if your celestial leader starts to play favorites?!

    1. Tell him to knock it off!
    2. It would kill me if he started to play favorites, I’d probably cry.
    3. Nothing. A polygamous husband knows not to have favorites. It’s not an option!
    4. As long as we could discuss it openly, I wouldn’t overreact.
  6. 6.

    If you had the choice, how would you most like to be spending your time?

    1. With my family!
    2. With my husband!
    3. At home with a house full of voices.
    4. Out of the house and working…But I still love my family!
  7. 7.

    If your poly-hubby-to-be wanted to help pick a wedding dress, how would you feel?

    1. I’d feel flattered that he wanted to be involved.
    2. I’d rather pick it out myself.
    3. Help? I already picked it out.
    4. The man should never help plan a wedding.
  8. 8.

    Which of these characteristics best describes you?

    1. Sweet and emotional. I cry a lot.
    2. Playful and fun loving. (Woo hoo!)
    3. A total thinker.
    4. Determined and brave. Sometimes people don’t like that.
  9. 9.

    When it comes to achieving your goals, will your plural marriage stand in the way?

    1. My marriage comes first, period.
    2. If I put in the effort, I’ll achieve anything.
    3. My marriage often stands in the way of what I want.
    4. My sister wives would help me achieve my goals.
  10. 10.

    When it comes to spending money from the family poly-pot, what’s your motto?

    1. What’s mine is my sister wives!
    2. If I need more money because of a bigger family, I should be entitled to it.
    3. I try not to think about money.
    4. I deserve the same amount as each of my sister wives.
  11. 11.

    Have you always seen yourself living a plural lifestyle?

    1. Yes, sister wives are my destiny!
    2. I’ve always wanted the plural marriage, not just the husband.
    3. I’ve always thought it would be really awesome!
    4. I believe in living this lifestyle.

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