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    16 Fucking Truths For Everyone Who Loves Food Too Much

    When are we eating next?

    1. You regularly wake up hungry and know exactly what you need to eat.

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    You were dreaming about breakfast all night, after all.

    2. You start getting hungry for lunch about five minutes after you're done eating breakfast.

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    3. Because you've created a life where there are more than three meals in a day.

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    4. As soon as you finish one meal, you start fantasizing about what your next one will be.

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    Endless possibilities!

    5. Because food is a kind of religious experience for you.


    6. And you see the everyday beauty in food, because it is a beautiful thing.

    Whoever thought of appetizers was literally like "we should pregame this food w more food" and I think that's really beautiful

    7. Eating every hour on the hour is not a crazy idea. You think about food ALL. THE. TIME.

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    8. And going longer than two hours without eating feels like a damn accomplishment.

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    9. You've had whole text convos about what you're going to eat next.

    10. And you keep a snack by your side at all times, just in case you start thinking about food before the next meal.

    11. When you're thinking about food, everyone fucking knows it.

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    12. And the thing you dread most is other people eating before you get to.

    13. Because you think about food so much, you have very little self control when you're around it.

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    14. And thinking about food is hands-down the longest serious relationship you've ever had.

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    15. People tend to question how much you eat, because it's basically all the time.

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    16. But the truth is, you're just not a happy person until you're reunited with your BFF, food.

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    Food is life. πŸ‘πŸ½