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    23 Whiskey Recipes To Make Your Day Better

    Whiskey: It does a body good.

    1. Wake up to pumpkin pancakes with bourbon vanilla maple syrup.

    Bourbon, maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla heated in a saucepan will be the perfect topping to any kind of pancake, really. Recipe here.

    2. And if you're in the mood for a giant cinnamon roll, this one is topped with a whiskey glaze.

    3. And wash it all down with a cup of bourbon chai.

    The recipe calls for a cup of bourbon so you can start the day off right.

    4. Grab a hunk of this whiskey caramel monkey bread for breakfast or as a sweet snack.

    It also has a caramel glaze! Recipe here.

    5. Pair your eggs with some bourbon glazed bacon.

    Just four ingredients in this recipe!

    6. Or you could use that bacon on a turkey club sandwich for lunch.

    7. Get ready to have your mind blown: This mac and cheese has whiskey and bacon.

    8. Bite into this steak sandwich with bourbon sautéed mushrooms.

    Get the yummy recipe from A Family Feast.

    9. Or grill up these juicy whiskey burgers.

    The whiskey gets mixed into the ground beef, so you get some with every bite. Recipe here.

    10. Warm up with chocolate, whiskey, and bacon chili.

    Yes, that's correct: whiskey, chocolate, and bacon. Get the recipe here.

    11. Serve up this peach whiskey chicken over warm mashed potatoes.

    Then take a good long nap. Recipe here.

    12. This butternut squash gnocchi gets extra points for the whiskey cream sauce.

    13. Get creative with sides and add a bourbon glaze to radishes and Brussels sprouts.

    The addition of bourbon adds bite to those veggies!

    14. Top off your cupcake with some whiskey maple buttercream frosting.

    15. These whiskey and Sriracha hard candies taste like Red Hots.

    16. Whether you're having guests or just want a cheesy party of one, this recipe for whiskey fondue will be a huge hit.

    17. Creamy blueberry bourbon cream cheese pie for one, please.

    Get the recipe for this sweet treat.

    18. Smoked whiskey wings are great for a big game day.

    Alex Martinez / Via

    Wings for the win. Recipe here.

    19. And whiskey barbecue ribs are finger licking good.

    Perfect for summer! Get the recipe here.

    20. The best thing about these spicy whiskey sliders is that you can have more than one.

    Jalapenos, whiskey, barbecue sauce, and butter are just a few of the yummy things that go into this recipe.

    21. This whiskey and Sriracha caramel popcorn is a great snack, and vegan!

    22. How about ending the day with some milk and a few whiskey chocolate chip cookies?

    They're also salted on top. Ya know, just in case you want o blackout from happiness.

    23. Or, of course, you could just spoon it up from a bowl.

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