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    Posted on Dec 26, 2015

    19 Ralph Wiggum Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "All my friends have birthdays this year!"

    1. When he needed new pants for his arms.

    Fox / Via

    2. When he realized he'd get to say happy birthday to everyone.

    Fox / Via

    3. When he told this harrowing tale...

    4. When he auditioned for the school play.

    Fox / Via

    5. When he learned a valuable lesson about glue.


    6. When he crowned himself a Unitard.


    7. When all he really wanted was a hug.

    8. When Ralph added his own artistic flourishes.

    Fox / Via

    9. When he was a Star Wars.

    Fox / Via

    10. When he asked this totally valid question.

    11. When he faced the same awkward small talk we all have to endure.

    12. And when he found the best way to get out of that small talk.

    13. When Ralph defied the odds.

    14. When he dared to dream.

    15. When he went behind the curtain, so to speak.

    16. When he had an awful lot to say.

    17. When he really related to his dog on a deep level.

    18. When he really nailed the whole sports thing.

    19. And when Lisa choo-choo-choosed him.


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