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    All This Baby Bat Wants Is A Head Scratch And It's Adorable

    He also makes little baby squeaks when he gets plenty of petting! (!!!)

    This is Jeddah, a juvenile bat who absolutely adores cuddling up and getting some primo scratching time in.

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    Like all of us, Jeddah is a fan of the finer things in life: having someone else scratch your head.

    Jeddah suffered some injuries early in life and can't be released into the wild as a result, which is why he's in the loving hands of a vaccinated and licensed bat carer.

    And when he gets a VIP head scratch, he shows his appreciation with a big tip*. (*Loads of mind-blowingly cute squeaks.)

    Just look at this happy little bat face and tell me you don't want to scratch his head too.

    Or just have your own head scratched, tbh. Jeddah is all of us.

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