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    This Music Video Perfectly Captures The Struggles Of Being A Redhead

    This: "95 SPF and we'll be alright."

    This is "The Ginger Anthem," a song created by fellow ginge Danielle Dallas Roosa.

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    Also featuring Carrot Top because ultimate redhead.

    And it tackles all of the things reds have to deal with. You know, like trying to live in a world with sun.

    And being told we have "no soul."

    Which, admittedly, is at least a little to do with our dislike of the sun... but come on!

    And the ultimate redhead problem: people's bizarre obsession with our pubes.

    Spoiler alert: they match, you pervs.

    But really, a "Ginger Anthem" is all about redheads uniting (in our need for SPF).