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    This Little Japanese Chin And Her Big Saint Bernard Brother Are Adorable Best Friends

    Did I mention that their names are Lulu and Blizzard?

    This tiny Japanese Chin is Lulu, and the Saint Bernard she's gazing at is her big brother, Blizzard.

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    Despite their height differences, they've found a way to make their friendship last: Lulu almost constantly rides on Blizzard's back.

    Whether they're enjoying a sensible day at a pumpkin patch...

    Getting treating to a relaxing bath...

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    Or just watching an old classic together...

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    Little Lulu and Blizzard are damn near inseparable.

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    As best friends, they're obviously going to coordinate outfits.

    And if there's a sunset to see, you bet they're going to be watching together.

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    Because afternoon walks are always best when your have your forever friend by your side. Or, in this case, on your back.

    And when the weather changes and things turn cold, it's your bestie who will always keep you warm.

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    This brother and sister aren't just completely adorable, they're the epitome of friend goals.

    blizzardandlulu / Via

    Thank you little Lulu and big Blizzard, for reminding all of us that this is what true friendship looks like.


    Lulu is a Japanese Chin. An earlier version of this post said she was a papillon — she was just too cute and overwhelmed my good judgment!

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