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This Documentary About A Muslim Rescue Shelter Proves That Good People Exist

Even though dogs are considered impure in Malaysia, this selfless couple is helping to rescue the strays in their community.

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Here's a sad truth: Most Muslims in Malaysia are not dog lovers. In fact, dogs are considered to be impure, making the people who care for them impure by association. It's unfortunate, to say the least.

Despite that stigma, there is one married couple who've made it their life's mission to care for the stray dogs and cats in their community: Pak Mie, a 55-year-old former contractor, and his wife, Mak Intan. They work selflessly to provide food, housing, and medicine to the strays who rely on them and, as a result, have saved over 600 animals from kill shelters.

Wow. Just wow. Time to step your game up, everyone.

Check out the short documentary, A Stray Hero, from Hisyam Salleh and Rahmah Ghazali on the incredible journey of this couple below. And make sure to visit the shelter's website to find out how you can help.

As an update: Pak Mie and Mak Intan have been asked by local authorities to relocate their shelter and need to find a new home for their friends by May 2013. Which is why it's more important than ever to spread this story and help the shelter stay afloat!

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