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    This Adorable Three-Legged Lamb Loves Sweaters And Will Steal Your Heart

    Then she'll steal your man. ?

    This is Regina, a three-legged lamb and aspiring contestant on America's Next Top Model.

    Regina lives at Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit devoted to ending cruelty to animals. They took Regina in after she broke her leg and needed to have it amputated, and then helped nurse her back to health.

    How do I know she's got model potential? Just look at what she's serving in this sensible sweater vest.

    And a smize? Please, Tyra didn't invent it — that was all Regina.

    Do you see what I'm talking about here?

    Just look at this photo of her in a flannel number and tell me you can't picture this on the cover of Vogue.

    Thank you, Regina, for inspiring some true Instagram photo goals.

    You can learn more about Regina's journey, or donate to keep Regina in the highest lamb fashions. Either way: Thank you, Queen Regina!

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