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    This 8-Bit Version Of "Stranger Things" Is All You Need Today

    The 8-bit Eggo waffle alone!

    Stranger Things was an epic gift to the TV world, and now it's even more '80s in this 8-bit remake from CineFix.

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    If you haven't watched Stranger Things then I don't know what you're doing here, and you should stop reading because SPOILERS.

    It starts off like any classic 8-bit game would.

    There's the magical moment when the boys meet Eleven for the first time.

    And the true love that exists between Eleven and her Eggos is somehow more powerful in 8-bit.

    Joyce's room of Christmas light horrors is alive and well.

    And Steve is still classic Steve.


    Dustin is all about that #puddinglife.

    While Barb's unfortunate end is captured with a simple message: "You found dead Barbara." 😭

    The "game" ends with a happy and sad note, much like the series.

    But, hey, at least Joyce gets to bring Will home and take down the lights...right?


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