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13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Love Whiskey


1. You recognize that you don't need to drink whiskey with anything — it's perfect all on its own.

2. And you've openly judged people who claim they don't like drinking it.

3. You've read all the studies that show whiskey is actually good for you, and you obviously agree with them.

4. Whenever you branch out and try a brand you've never had, you know it won't be around for long.

5. The biggest insult you can get is when someone asks if you want water with your whiskey.

6. Sometimes you can be a snob about single-malt scotch, but when it comes down to it you appreciate blends in all their beauty as well.

7. You don't need any excuses to drink whiskey, but you'll take them when you can.

8. You've made an entire night out of simply drinking your favorite whiskey.

9. For you, whiskey isn't just a drink. It's as fundamental as oxygen, and you worship it as such.

10. There's truly nothing as beautiful as a tall glass of whiskey staring back at you.

11. When you're stressed out, you know the one thing that will make it all better is whiskey.

12. You can't deny the fact that whiskey has caused you to make questionable choices...

13. ...but in the end, you know whiskey will heal whatever mistakes you end up making. That's just how whiskey works.