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    19 Problems You'll Only Understand If Your Cat Is An Angel, But Also The Devil

    You can hold them... maybe.

    1. Here's the thing: You know your cat is simultaneously 100% evil and 100% adorable.

    2. Because while half the time it seems like all your cat does is plot your demise...

    3. ...the other half of the time the cat falls asleep and you get to take photos that make your heart explode.

    4. Sure, it's kinda sinister how your cat always seems to be watching you shower.

    5. And doesn't allow you to ever be on your computer, ever.

    6. But then sometimes the cat gives you the kitten-iest of hugs, and all is forgiven.

    7. It's true that the cat has caused you physical pain.

    8. And has prevented you from giving gifts to anyone but them.

    9. And...does really evil shit to the litter box.



    Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

    12. Look, there's no denying that you buy them things ALL THE TIME, and they never really appreciate it.

    13. Or the fact that you no longer have any usable toilet paper.

    14. But at the same time: The cuddles are extra.

    sikaandkira / Via

    15. They aren't photogenic.

    16. They use you as a literal doormat.

    17. And they will steal everything you love.

    18. But CAT KISSES make everything better!

    samanthapreis / Via

    19. And really, what's a little evil when you also get the adorable tossed in?

    animalism_ / Via

    Cats: They really have it all!

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