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    There's A Store Making Donuts Based Off Of '90s Snacks, Because Heaven Is Real

    Pass the Cosmic Brownie donut, please. (h/t HelloGiggles)

    The '90s were a beautiful, sugar-filled time for snacks, and I miss the fuck out of them.

    Which is why it's so wonderful that a shop in Providence is making donuts inspired by '90s snacks, like the Wildberry Pop-Tart donut.

    PV Donuts has really thought of everything, they even have a Little Debbie-inspired Oatmeal Cream Pie donut.

    And this totally rad Cosmic Brownie donut.

    The throwback treats are only for the month of March, but include options like Dunkaroos, Hawaiian Punch, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    Just look at this Pop Rocks donut and tell me you can't feel that sugar popping in your mouth.

    And this MoonPie donut looks so much like the original it's almost too gorgeous to look at...almost.

    Let's just hope we can get to Providence in time to snag one of these Fruity Pebbles wonders.