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There's A Store Making Donuts Based Off Of '90s Snacks, Because Heaven Is Real

Pass the Cosmic Brownie donut, please. (h/t HelloGiggles)

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Which is why it's so wonderful that a shop in Providence is making donuts inspired by '90s snacks, like the Wildberry Pop-Tart donut.

Instagram: @pvdonuts

PV Donuts has really thought of everything, they even have a Little Debbie-inspired Oatmeal Cream Pie donut.

Instagram: @pvdonuts

And this totally rad Cosmic Brownie donut.

Instagram: @pvdonuts

Just look at this Pop Rocks donut and tell me you can't feel that sugar popping in your mouth.

Instagram: @pvdonuts

Let's just hope we can get to Providence in time to snag one of these Fruity Pebbles wonders.

Instagram: @pvdonuts

Note to other donut stores: would happily come for '90s snack donuts!