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"The Walking Dead" Drinking Game

So you can drink to every gory moment, because Rick would want you to be happy.

Supplies You'll Need:

• Whiskey or some other hard liquor worthy of a zombie apocalypse

• Cheap beer if you're on Team Merle or Daryl

• Mixers: For those who like a chaser more than being chased

The Rules:

1. When you see the first zombie of the episode, take a sip.

2. If Daryl aims his crossbow, take two sips.

3. If Rick says the following at any point, then clink glasses with the person next to you.

4. If Carl and Beth make flirty eyes at each other, take a shot of whiskey.

5. If the Governor's eye patch starts to look stank at any point, drink until it doesn't.

6. If anyone kills a zombie with a knife through the head, take a sip in honor of that badass move.

7. If Merle says something racist, take a shot.

8. If Merle or Daryl says, "He's my brother!" at any point, then drink to that.

9. If anyone says baby Judith's name, take a sip of mixer (have some respect, she's a baby).

10. If any of the gang gets trapped in a small space and are surrounded by zombies, pour yourself a full glass of whiskey.

11. If this scenario happens at any point, finish everything in your glass and the bottle, for that matter.

Happy drinking, undead friends!

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