The Ultimate "Pete & Pete" Insult Guide

Especially for all those Little Pete fans looking for inspiration.

1. When you’re looking for something age appropriate.

2. When you want to leave the other team reeling.

3. When you’re trying to stop jerks in their tracks.

4. When you need something perfect for librarians, book lovers, or people who still send letters.

5. When you want to wake someone up with a zinger.

6. When some faux posh person rubs you the wrong way.

7. When a telemarketer calls.

Or friends you’re sick of hearing from, really.

8. When you’re trying to gross someone out, just a little.

9. When you ask your boss for a day off.

10. When you want to tell someone exactly how they make you feel.

11. And when someone accidentally bumps into you at the gym.

Take that, scab brains!

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