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    The Ultimate Jenna Maroney Insult Guide

    Jane Krakowski has seventeen ways to take down everyone you know.

    1. The insult that challenges you to be a better person.

    2. The candid insult.

    3. The helpful insult.

    4. The scientific insult.

    5. The insult you can say with a smile.

    6. The twofold insult.

    7. The insult that comes from real world experience.

    8. The impossible request insult.

    9. The insult you pull from a place of truthful experience.

    10. The needlessly repetitive insult.

    11. The insult you resort to when nothing else comes to mind.

    12. The authentic insult.

    13. The "Sex and the City" characterization insult.

    14. The hopeful insult.

    15. The observational insult.

    16. The insult that's too descriptive to not be true.

    17. The insult that almost sounds cute.