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The Ultimate Guide To Seducing A 1940s Man

Want to be more attractive to a man? Not to fear, lists from 1949 are here!

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The Atlantic recently published this list from Esquire's Handbook for Hosts circa 1949, entitled "How Attractive Are You to Men?"

In it, a series of questions are posed to the female reader, such as, "Do you knit when you are having a cozy, fireside evening with a man?" and "Do men marvel at your capacity for holding liquor?" (So, wait, knitting and drinking are bad...?)

Based off of your answers, you'll know exactly how attractive men find you and, presumably, steps to take toward becoming even more so. Lucky us! Let's find out how to avoid a fast reputation, what to do when faced with a foursome, and a woman's fatal flaw!


So, just to recap...

-Don't talk about your ex boyfriends

-Be super trendy

-Invite your sexy girlfriends over for sexy foursomes

-Drinking = fast reputation

-The only way a man can fall in love with you is if you have two comfortable chairs

-And flatter men incessantly

-Learn to play bridge and/or booty dance

Got it, thanks 1949!