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    The Rock Just Proved He's The Most Adorable Dad

    Dear Mr. The Rock, will you adopt me?

    You ready to see some real deal cuteness? Then BEHOLD: The Rock being a rockstar dad with his adorable daughter, Jasmine.

    Little Jasmine is officially a big girl now, because on Friday she had her first birthday, and her dad sang her an epic happy birthday song.

    I think we know the answer to this question.

    @TheRock / Via

    Of course, this isn't the first time The Rock has shown what an awesome dad he is. There was the time he loved changing Jasmine's diaper...

    ...Or the time he dressed up as Pikachu on Halloween because it's Jasmine's favorite.

    He's just a really good dad, and Jasmine fucking loves him for it. (Here she is, admiring his tats. NBD.)

    Happy first birthday, Jasmine! 👑

    @therock / Via

    And THE ROCK, please keep uploading dad content. We need this.

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