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The 22 Most Important Life Lessons From "RuPaul's Drag Race"

If you want to be a star, like these queens, then you better get to werq!

22. The world is your catwalk, so just remember this when you're out there.

Seriously, don't fuck it up.

21. Haters gonna hate, but here are the only words you need for them.

20. Own who you are and celebrate it.

19. When it comes to your friends, be honest when they look like shit.

18. When you're face-to-face with someone less worthy, tell them.

These words also apply to bad dates, your parents, and potential interns.

17. But if you deem them worthy, people deserve a second chance.

16. Being aggressive doesn't make you a bitch, it makes you the gurl with a dry pillow.

15. When someone wrongs you, walk away from them and don't ever look back.

14. The greatest truths in life are the ones your fellow queens are willing to tell you.

13. Spirituality has nothing to do with church, and everything to do with hair.

12. Kindness only goes so far, and then it's time to show your claws.

11. Excuses are for losers, and winning is for winners, like you!

10. Throw a little shade when you need to.

Shade is an insult art form though, so don't just try throwing it around without practice.

9. It's important to make a great first impression, so make sure to hold on to your damn weave.

8. Some people are beyond help, just accept that.

7. When faced with someone who isn't tucking hard enough, don't be afraid to tell them they're slacking.

6. Everyone gets drunk and makes out with the wrong guy, sometimes.

5. Sometimes life isn't fair, and straight people are straight up crazy.

4. When there are no words, let your eyes do the talking.

3. This.

2. And this.

1. But the one rule you should never, ever forget is YOU BETTA WORK!

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