The 20 Most Insane Types Of Kentucky Derby Hats

    Odds-on crazy for the win. Pass the mint julep.

    1. The "I'm Definitely Not Compensating For Something" hat.

    2. The "This Used To Be My Pet Macaw" hat.

    3. The "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Have Roses Tattooed On My Face Now" hat.

    4. The "Bitch, I Invented Selfies" hat.

    5. The "I'm From Florida And I'm Not Sorry" hat.

    6. The "I'm Going To A Cinco De Mayo Party After This" hat.

    7. The "Peacocks Are Now An Endangered Species" hat.

    8. The "Wait, The Kentucky Derby ISN'T A Green Bay Packers Game?!" hat

    9. The "I'm Bowtiful And I Know It" hat.

    10. The "I Won My Horse From A Claw Machine" hat.

    11. The hat made from a zillion tiny fairy wings.

    12. The "I Was Actually Pretty Wasted When I Made This" hat

    13. The hat that's sponsored by the official beer of the Kentucky Derby.

    14. The "I'm Not Even Hiding My Hoe Tendencies" hat.

    15. The "I Wear My Mint Julep On My Head" hat.

    16. The "All Bets On Fabulous" hat.

    17. The "Romantic Picnic For One" hat

    18. The RIP hat.

    19. The "I Legit Superglued Everything On The Bottom Of My Car To This Hat"

    20. The "Size Definitely Does Matter" hat.