The 14 Best Parts Of Vanilla Ice’s Twitter

To the extreme he rocks a tweet like a vandal. Lights up your page and wax a chump like a candle.

1. He loves ninjas

Which may be an homage to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song, “Go Ninja Go”…?

2. Whatever the reason, he likes to call everyone a ninja, including his boy, Andy Samberg

3. And these other boys, who are dressed as fabulous swashbucklers

4. He also doesn’t really understand how Follow Friday works and it’s kind of cute

5. And sad, sometimes

6. Vanilla is super thoughtful and constantly wants to know “Sup”

7. And sometimes he takes pretty artsy photos, like this one of him surrounded by lights and a cardboard cutout of himself

Feels a little meta, too.

8. Ice is also really good about keeping his fans posted on his day-to-day life

9. And manages to share amazing snippets of on the fly verses, like this one

10. Sometimes he posts these types of photos and it’s like looking through a window and seeing how the world will end

11. Or a photo like this, which simultaneously channels nostalgia and longing

12. Vanilla’s tweets are also educational without being preachy

13. And are often self-referential

14. And did I mention that he loves to take selfies?

Like, really loves to take them

Vanilla Ice, he’s just like us!

That time he got the Follow Friday almost right. Almost.

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