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Sam Neill And Ewan McGregor Recreated "Jurassic Park" And It's Glorious


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As we all know, Jurassic Park is a magical film that can sometimes make you feel like everything is going to be OK in the world.

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Ah, the gates. Those tall and mythical gates.

Which is why it's SO IMPORTANT that Sam Neill (aka Doctor Grant) recreated one of the most iconic scenes from the film while on The Graham Norton Show.

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You know the one I'm talking about — the moment when Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler get to see their first, real-live dino.

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Ewan McGregor played the role of Steven Spielberg, as he yelled, "ACTION."

Then Neill did that iconic Jurassic Park turn.

The hat came off.

Next, those glasses.

And there was Miranda Hart, playing the role of Dr. Sattler's head being turned.

You can almost hear them saying, "THEY'RE MOVING IN HERDS. They DO move in herds."

Thank you, Neill, for making today so much better.

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