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    Updated on Oct 16, 2018. Posted on Jun 6, 2013

    26 Relationship Truths, As Told By "Sex And The City"

    We whine when we don't have a boyfriend, and we whine when we do.

    1. This is universally true.

    2. Jobs...of any kind...are hard.

    3. If the person you're dating gives you a swan clutch from Judith Leiber, shit will go down.

    4. Regardless of your current relationship status, you never want to know about the new person your ex is dating.

    5. If you run into a friend's ex, you must curse the ground they dare to walk on.

    6. When someone hurts you, this is a question you have to deal with.

    7. Sometimes the right person is right in front of you.

    8. In a relationship, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, even if that means losing someone.

    9. A relationship is complicated, and not even your best friends will fully understand it.

    10. When someone isn't calling you, they're not playing hard to get.

    Move on to some Cosmopolitans, babe.

    11. Putting yourself out there isn't easy, and it might end badly.

    12. If you're planning a Big move to Paris, it's probably best to give your significant other a heads up.

    13. Your ex will never find anyone who's better than you.

    14. When you have a crush on someone, you'll do anything to be with them.

    Even if it means lying about your smoking habit.

    15. Realizing you love someone is terrifying, especially if you don't know how they feel.

    16. Being in a relationship is essentially agreeing to some serious S&M shit.

    17. Seriously, we are all masochists.

    18. It's important not to be cynical all the time...

    Just most of the time.

    19. Being in a relationship turns you into the other person's cheerleader, whether you like it or not.

    20. Dating is old and tiring.

    21. And love is a bitch.

    22. Some people won't be able to handle your heat, and that is OK.

    23. Sometimes change isn't always a good thing.

    24. Your true friends will love you no matter what crazy shit you do.

    In fact, they'll be crazy right along with you.

    Because they are the true loves of your life.

    25. Sometimes the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, though.

    26. And once you master that, everything else will fall into place.

    Sex and the City premiered 15 years ago... Happy anniversary to all the Carries, Mirandas, Samanthas, and Charlottes out there! xoxo

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