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24 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Someone An Edible Arrangement

They should be banned from the world, basically.

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4. And then they cover the fruit in this weird waxiness that makes it taste bad.

10. You might LIKE honeydew and cantaloupe, but do you really want to eat an entire basket of it?

No, the answer is no. Nobody has time for that.

11. Once you get an Edible Arrangement, it has to sit awkwardly on your desk or a counter.

12. Which is really great for the fruit flies who love exposed fruit, but not so much for anyone else.

Enjoy the feast, flies!


14. "Happy Sweet 16, I hope you enjoy these fruit kebabs!"

There's nothing tweens love more than pineapples on a stick.

16. Also, this is just false advertising, because here's what that "ghost pineapple" looks like IRL.

Go home, ghost pineapple, you're drunk.