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31 Reasons Why Stiles Is The Hottest Part Of "Teen Wolf"

He makes me howl. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Everyone, this is Stiles from Teen Wolf. Stiles, this is everyone!

1. He may SEEM like your typical geek, but he's a total hottie.

Sound the alarm, y'all!

2. Because he's got really smooth pickup lines.

You're right, I should get in.

3. And his eyes are just like ... OMG.

4. Yeah, OK, go ahead and look into my soul while I die from happiness over here.

5. When he gets excited, it's adorable as hell.

6. But even when he's sad, his face will make your heart melt.

7. That's right, Stiles, you're beautiful when you cry too.

8. Sometimes he just casually sips on straws, like a boss.

9. Other times he nearly gets killed and plays it off like a total badass.

10. Just when you think Stiles can't last much longer surrounded by all of these ferocious supernatural creatures...

11. He does something really brave...

12. And surprises all of the wolves.

Growl on, boo. GROWL. ON.

13. A lot of people on the show tend to forget about Stiles.

Looking at you, Lydia.

14. Or write him off as a total weirdo.

15. But he's actually REALLY scholarly.

16. And super perceptive.

17. He's a gentleman.

18. And wants to know everything his friends are up to.

Especially when he's on Adderall.

19. Plus there's that whole sexual tension thing he's got going on with Derek.

20. Sometimes he looks at Derek like this, and it makes me sweat profusely.

Shipping Sterek so hard right now, you guyz.

21. Other times Derek looks at Stiles like this, and my brain explodes in hearts.

22. Then they get in the water together, and it's like, OMG JUST TAKE YOUR SHIRTS OFF, PLEASE.

23. Or things like this happen, and it's like, JUST DO IT ALREADY.

24. He's a guy who isn't afraid to ask for a compliment.

25. Or yell for one.

26. But at the same time, he's really great at giving compliments.

27. Especially when they're directed at Lydia.

28. Even though he doesn't have any powers, he's totally into role-playing.

29. And someday we might see him with his shirt off.

When that day comes, I will actually die from happiness. Don't bother trying to wake me up. Just let me be.


31. So, have I convinced you to the side of Team Stiles or...?

Anyone else planning to watch the Season 3 premiere tonight on MTV?!

Stiles... call me, boo.

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