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26 Reasons Why Derek Is The Sexiest Monster On "Teen Wolf"

Reason number one: everything about him.

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1. Everyone, this is Derek from Teen Wolf. Derek, this is everyone!

2. Say "hello," Derek!

3. Derek is an Alpha werewolf, which makes him one of the biggest badasses in Beacon Hills.

You're certainly the Alpha of my heart, boo.

4. But he also just has awesome wolf arms that look great in a tight tank.

5. Actually, I take that back, because he really looks best with nothing on at all.

Good golly, it's like heaven just opened and a wolfman is leading us inside the pearly gates!

Good golly, it's like heaven just opened and a wolfman is leading us inside the pearly gates!

6. And yes, I realize he can be really terrifying, especially when there's a full moon.

7. Ahhh!!! OMG, babe, please, put the fangs away!

8. And he's basically using his hotness to seduce hopeless teens into joining his wolf pack...

9. And then turning them into wolves, even though that means they're probs gonna kill some people.

10. But look at that smile! How can I stay mad at that?!

11. And sometimes he gets into these massive wolf fights...

12. And even then, when he's covered in blood, it's like, "YES, ALPHA, I WILL HEAL YOU WITH MY LOVE."

13. Then he takes off his shirt again, and I black out.

14. Sexy side eye? Yeah, he knows something about that.

15. Looking like a vulnerable wolf who needs a long embrace? Yes, he's all about that too.

Let me love you. We can howl at the moon together, or whatever.

16. And again, I know that he's a scary dude who can essentially kill me at any moment.

17. In fact, sometimes it seems like he'd do it, just for fun.

18. But he does TRY to make his threats polite, sometimes.

19. And look at how thoughtful he is, always wearing the tightest shirts in his closet.

Thank you, babe!

20. Even when he runs, it feels like he's doing it just so I can see the sweat gleam across his perfect wolf forehead.

21. Speaking of perfection, can we talk about Derek's facial hair? Because that scruff makes me sweat profusely.

22. So much so, that I would absolutely let him bite me so I could be part of his sexy wolf pack.

23. But he doesn't even need that scruff to look hot. No, because even when he's clean shaven it's as if he's the only supernatural creature in the universe.

The only beautiful one, at least.

The only beautiful one, at least.

24. Hells bells, even Stiles can't stop looking at him!

25. Jesus, if he raises those brows one more time, I might just...

26. Yup, he did it. And now I've died from happiness and am living in some Alpha heaven.

Don't try to find me. I'm happier here.

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