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    Surprise: Pink Is Pregnant With Her Second Child And She Has A Bump To Prove It

    That bump tho!

    Pink already has a beautiful family with motocross racer Carey Hart β€” just look at their daughter Willow Sage and tell me the lie.

    But on Saturday she announced that their fam is expanding in this adorable photo, bump and Willow Sage included.

    Her husband Carey then reposted the pic with the caption, "😳😳😳😳😳🍼🍼 Surprise!"

    Pink's definitely been able to keep this pregnancy well under wraps, taking photos like this one to hide her bump.

    And using actual bump shielding props when necessary.

    Regardless, CONGRATS FAM!

    Looks like Willow Sage is already making a great big sister!

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