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15 Moms Who Will Make You Say, "Shit, That's Funny"

Mom goals are strong here.

1. This mom who wanted her child to practice moderation.

llllllllgefvhnnu / Via

2. This mom who is all of us, basically.

3. And this mom who is also all of us.

4. This mom who likes to Snapchat.

5. This mom who tells it like it is.

6. This punny mom.

7. This mom who isn't short on love.

8. This mom who brought the truth talk.

9. This mom who just wants to be left alone.

10. This mom who is extra AF.

11. This mom who went on her daughter's Tumblr.

12. This mom who likes her juice.

13. This mom who knows EXACTLY the kind of encouragement you need.

noirmandy / Via

14. This mom who took getting grounded to the next level.

15. And this mom whom we all need to be friends with immediately.

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