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26 Moments When Jerri Blank Inspired Us To Be Better People

I owe my love of pizza and tub time to Strangers with Candy and Amy Sedaris.

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1. The time she was brave enough to ask for what she wanted:

2. When she gave this inspiring speech:

3. When she put her own needs first:

4. When she tried out for the cheerleading squad:

5. The time she fearlessly taught us about sex:

6. When she strongly declared her body confidence:

7. When she let us learn from her mistakes:

8. When she encouraged others to compliment her:

9. The time she courageously ignored a caution sign and took a chance with her life:

10. When she shared her secret to dieting:

11. When she stared without shame at what she wanted:

12. When she came up with her own business plan:

13. When she had something to say:

14. When she offered polite medical advice to Mr. Jellineck:

15. When she danced like no one was watching, even though someone kinda was:

16. When she took a break from her hunger strike for fudge:

17. When she was willing to learn about new cultures:

18. When she enthusiastically declared herself a foodie:

19. This time:

20. This:

21. And this time:

22. When she made friends by giving out free sterroids:

23. The time she took a stand for sexual freedom:

24. And that other time she took a stand:

25. When the only color Jerri saw was herself:

26. And when she learned sign language: / Via

Thank you for being a role model, Jerri!

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