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Lesson Of The Day: Do Not Mess With Daenerys Targaryen

I'm Team Dragons based off of last night's episode alone! SPOILER ALERT!

When Daenerys goes to see Kraznys mo Nakloz about her army, she comes with a huge entourage.

And then when he calls her a bitch, because he thinks she doesn't speak Valyrian, she's like, "Who you callin' a bitch, bitch?"

Dude should have known better than to mess with the MOTHER OF DRAGONS.

And now she has this whip, which means she's also the mother of the Unsullied warriors.

And they do whatever she asks of them.


Which is when this fool realizes he's messed with the wrong Khalessi.

And she's basically like, "Yeah, I'm in charge now, you better recognize."

Then she says, "Dracarys," which is Valyrian for "You're fucked."

And her dragon did this awesome thing in response.

Burn, sexist bald man, BURN.

After the city is basically burned to the ground and all of the a-holes have perished, Daenerys just looks at it all like, "Yup, I did that."

Then she goes to the slaves and SETS THEM FREE.

But they're all just like, "Nah, girl, we are Team Daenerys 4 lyfe, and to prove it we're thumping these sticks on the ground."

So Daenerys just gives zero fucks about that whip, because whips are for bald sexists.

And her, the army, and baby dragons ride off into the sunset toward epic glory.

Did I mention that she manages to do this all WHILE wearing jeggings?!

Lesson learned: Bow down to the Khalessi, because she's the biggest badass on Game of Thrones.