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    Kit Harrington Avoids Speeding Ticket And Makes A Cop's Day

    Jon Snow knows some things. (WARNING: Game of Thrones spoiler ahead)

    On Friday night, Kit Harington — Lord Commander, Jon Snow, Ned Stark's bastard — stopped by Jimmy Fallon to tell a story about what life is like as Jon Snow.

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    And (SPOILER ALERT) it was really hard to keep Jon Snow's fate all to himself.

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    He explained that there was one man on the outside world who knew what happened long before we did: a police officer.

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    Apparently Kit was driving a touch too fast, being "a bit naughty."

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    "I was driving back from my parents house and I was driving too fast," Kit explained. "I was being a bit naughty. I was going over the speed limit. And I feel the sirens go off behind me. And this Policeman comes up and pulls me over. And I, a bit sheepishly said, ‘I’m really sorry, I wasn’t looking at the clock.'"

    And when the cop pulled him over, he gave Kit two very simple options...

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    Police station or you fess up, basically.

    So Kit did what any normal human would, and chose to fess up to get out of the ticket.

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    Turns out that it actually worked, and the cop sent him the Lord Commander off with a warning.

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    If only we could all use the Jon Snow method to get out of tickets!! 😭


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