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    21 Kids Who Connect With Food On A Spiritual Level

    Get ready to convert, because this is the most delicious spiritual journey ever.

    1. The baby who knows that strawberry baths are next to godliness.

    2. The kid who found her happy place, and then smeared it all over her face.

    3. The little girl who draws all of her celestial powers from cake.

    4. The boy who tasted cheesy heaven...

    ... and is forever changed.

    5. The spaghetti baby who lets her faith wash over her.

    6. The baby who worships at the altar of TV dinners.

    7. The baby who just converted to Watermelonism.

    8. And the other baby who loves Watermelonism so much, she'll eat it all for herself if she has to.

    9. The pancake whisperer.

    10. The baby who won't let her filthy hands touch something as virtuous as food.

    11. The baby who became even more angelic with a frosting face.

    12. The kid who discovered the path to sainthood through noodles.

    13. The baby who's about to become one with this jar of Nutella.

    14. The baby who's about to transcend from human to food.

    15. The kid who licks lollipops until he hallucinates spiritual messages.

    16. The pizza guru.

    17. The pho baby who knows his devotion is anything but fake.

    18. The baby who adorns herself with noodles to pay homage to her faith.

    19. The baby who meditates while praying to the gods of milk.

    20. The little girl who saw an otherworldly light after eating ice cream.

    21. And the strawberry messiah.