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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Wearing Robes Is Totally Adorable

Couples who robe together stay together.

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This is Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom: two very pretty people who are dating.

Mike Windle / Jonathon Leibson / Via Getty

But, "How do you know they're dating?!" you may ask, since they haven't actually said they're dating...

Well, KA-BLOOM, my friends: Katy Perry uploaded this Instagram of her and Orlando Bloom with the caption "we cannes't".

Instagram: @katyperry

They're in Cannes for the film festival, and apparently fell down some stairs. Or just decided to pose that way. Whatever.

They're dating, and as the saying goes, "Couples who wear robes together stay together," or something.

Further proof: This video of Orlando and Katy singing Happy Birthday to their friend, also during their Cannes trip.

Instagram: @mdmolinari

Guess we've got Katy's next album cover here...

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