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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    5 Important "Walking Dead" Season 4 Predictions

    There's a new poster, and a title for the season premiere, but what does it all mean in zombie land?! Warning: spoilers ahead.

    Where we left off:

    The last time we checked in with the prison folks, Andrea had been killed by walker Milton/Michonne, The Governor was on the run, and all of Woodbury's survivors are now with Rick and co.

    So, does this mean that we can expect to see more of the prison in Season 4? Does Rick officially have a willing army to hunt down The Governor? And what happened to that cat sculpture Michonne stole? (Just kidding, we all know that cat got bit and turned into a zombie kitty.)

    Season 4 predictions:

    1. Based off of the latest zombified poster for Season 4 of Walking Dead, THERE WILL BE EVEN MORE ZOMBIES.

    The season premiere is in October, which gives the undead plenty of time to strengthen their numbers.

    2. But there may also be a month sans-walkers, as the season premiere title suggests.

    Based off of the "30 Days Without an Accident" title, it's also entirely possible that there will be a time jump, where we catch up with the gang a month after their return to the prison.

    I'd guess that a month without zombies isn't putting anyone at ease, though. If anything, that kind of quiet would make nervous-breakdown-prone-Rick even more so.

    Is it some bizarre tactic by The Governor to make them feel at ease? So that they're not at all prepared for what's to come? After all, what better way to get an enemy than to make them think everything is over.

    3. Tyreese will be wielding his iconic hammer from the comic books, and possibly breaking off from the group entirely.

    Undoubtedly we'll see Tyreese put that thing to good use when it comes to hunting down the walkers. But based off of his exclusion from Rick and Daryl, along with how he looks away from everyone else, there's something here that suggests he'll play a major role in Season 4. Not just as a member of the group, but as someone who may not have the same views as Rick. Tyreese has already proven himself to be someone who doesn't go along with what everyone else is doing, so what could this mean when he's asked to fall in line?

    4. Michonne is going to question whether she needs the group, now that she's got a horse to go with that sword!

    Don't get it twisted: Michonne has proven her loyalty time and again. But she's also incredibly strong, and arguably smarter than anyone else at the prison. Chances are, if she keeps butting heads with Rick, she might start to question why she's putting up with his insanity at all.

    I also imagine we'll see an awful lot of this lady galloping around and chopping off zombie heads. And it's a fair bet that she'll do some actual talking this season. (Imagine that!)

    5. Meanwhile, Rick remains a bearded mountain man, while beautiful Daryl seems to have lost his poncho, and gained some longer bangs.

    Maybe Michonne can use that sword to give him a quick trim though.