How To Be Your Best Goth Self, As Told By Lydia From "Beetlejuice"

    It's way more complicated than black lace and killer eye makeup, you guys.

    So, you want to be a goth teen? Great! This is Lydia, and she's the Princess of the Undead.

    Step 1: Make the commitment to go on this goth journey solo, because loneliness is a key ingredient.

    Step 2: Pick an unusual accessory!

    Step 3: Perfect your sullen "Really?" face.

    Step 4: Pull a creepy non-sequitur.

    And then relate it back to your own goth self.

    Step 5: Goths prefer darkness, so pick outfits that look best in subdued light.

    Step 6: In fact, practice a shocked face for when you're forced to see actual sunlight.

    Step 7: Become a voracious reader of all things disturbing.

    Step 8: Always look like you're filled with anguish and despair.

    Step 9: Never EVER smile. Unless you're in the presence of the undead, and then it's fine.

    Step 10: When it comes to hair and makeup remember this: BLACK!

    Step 11: Actually, just remember BLACK for all aspects regarding appearance.

    Step 12: Get a new hobby that involves taking photos while dressed like a witch.

    Step 13: See dead people.

    Step 14: Pretty much just hate everything.

    Step 15: Try to invoke unholy spirits to be your BFFs.

    Step 16: When faced with a "normal" social situation, make everyone around you uncomfortable.

    Using a line like this should suffice.

    Final step: Take a dance break, because goths secretly love dancing.

    Especially to Harry Belafonte.

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