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    These New Beyoncé Pregnancy Photos Are Peak Beyoncé

    Pregnancy just really suits the Queen.

    I think we all remember where we were when Beyoncé, the Queen mother, showed off the first official photo of her pregnancy bump.

    Since then she's been posting more, making it clear that having twins suits her very very well.

    And on Friday night, she gave us not one but three new pregnancy looks (because Bey is good).

    So let's all take a deep breath, sit the fuck down, and start with the first look:

    beyonce / Via

    OK are you ready? Because here we come with look number two and it is fierce AF:

    beyonce / Via

    And for the third and final look, Beyoncé gives us the gift of staring into our very souls:

    beyonce / Via

    ::: stares at these and patiently waits for a new song about pregnancy :::

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