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    19 Jokes To Prepare You For "Game Of Thrones" Season 6

    Season 6 is coming. Brace yourselves for these lolz.

    1. This perfect sign:

    2. Cersei predicting the future:

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    3. This eerily accurate seven year forecast.

    4. This important juxtaposition:

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    5. Peter Dinklage's recap of all the seasons:

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    6. This painful post:

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    7. The damn truth about the Game of Thrones fandom:

    8. Varys.

    9. This reminder of the real losers in Game of Thrones:

    10. This reminder that nothing is sacred:

    11. The real reason why you won't be getting married anytime soon:

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    12. This difficult realization:

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    13. What happens when you meet non-fans:

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    14. This accurate description of life every Sunday night:

    15. The truth behind what happened to Ygritte:

    16. Jon Snow patrol.

    17. The cruelest of April Fools' jokes:

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    18. What we've all been waiting for:

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    19. And finally, #HodorProblems:

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