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22 Excellent Reasons To Drink More Whiskey

As if you needed any.

1. Whiskey is low-carb and fat-free, so your thighs will thank you.

2. The word whiskey means "water of life."

3. In frontier country, whiskey was as valuable as gold.

4. Whiskey can help prevent cancer.

5. Drinking whiskey can lower your risk of having a stroke.

6. It also may reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

7. Drinking one to six glasses of whiskey a week can lower an adult's risk of dementia.

8. Hillary Clinton chugs whiskey on the regular.

9. Winston Churchill drank whiskey and water for breakfast...and lead a nation through World War II.

10. And Jack Donaghy uses it to help him rule over Kabletown.

11. Oh, and did I mention that Mark Twain was a big fan?

12. A closed bottle of whiskey will be good for 100 years.

13. Drinking whiskey is the American thing to do; Tennessee and Kentucky are two of the world's primary whiskey-distilling regions.

14. There are over 5,000 types of single-malt whiskey, and they're not going to try themselves.

15. Whiskey might be the smartest investment you'll ever make. Probably.

16. George Washington, the father of America, also founded one of the country’s largest whiskey distilleries..

17. Whiskey was originally crafted only by monks, making it a holy spirit.

18. Cold is no match for whiskey; even below-freezing temperatures won't freeze it.

19. Whiskey is measured in "fingers" — your body is the only pouring tool you need!

20. Did I mention that whiskey looks GREAT on bars?

21. Especially if it's served with a bacon garnish.

22. But let's be honest: The very best reason to drink whiskey is because it's delicious.