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Well Played: Chelsea Clinton Now Has Two Children Named After “Sex And The City" Characters

"Chelsea Clinton just outed herself as the worlds biggest SATC fangirl."

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Chelsea Clinton had big news just in time for Father's Day: She and her husband Marc welcomed a new son to the fam.

Marc and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and love as we celebrate the birth of our son, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky.

But hark, what's that? There's another Chelsea baby who came first: Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky in 2014.

William Regan / AP

Which led some people to assume that her name MIGHT be a reference to another famous Charlotte...

Guess we know Chelsea Clinton's favorite Sex and the City character.

That's right: Chelsea Clinton now has two children named after Sex and the City characters.

If you thought the Sex and the City jokes were bad when Chelsea Clinton had Charlotte, now she has an Aidan.

Charlotte and Aidan: two of the most iconic people from the show.


And people are DELIGHTED.

(chelsea clinton named her kids charlotte & aidan and there is a huge part of me that hopes it is b/c she is a SATC mega-fan)

Who knew Chelsea was such a SATC stan?

Charlotte and Aidan. Chelsea Clinton just outed herself as the worlds biggest SATC fangirl.

Now it's just time to think about what her next child might be named...

How obsessed with Sex and the City do we think @ChelseaClinton and husband are? First daughter Charlotte, first son Aidan! #3rdchildSkipper?

And maybe copy her style, because there are plenty of SATC names to go around.

Apparently @ChelseaClinton really likes Sex and the City. I'm going to name my kids Miranda and Smith.

Congrats to Chelsea and Marc on their new baby!

Sex and the City for life, amirite, Chels?
Daniel Berehulak / Via Getty Images

Sex and the City for life, amirite, Chels?

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