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    16 Things To Remember Before The "Castle" Season Premiere

    Warning: Spoilers and snarky cop humor ahead! Relive the most important parts of the Season 5 finale of Castle before Season 6 premieres on Monday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

    1. Kate is up for a pretty important job in D.C.

    Note the extremely subtle framing of Kate, looking toward her potential future with her beautiful sad eyes.

    With this important-looking dude.

    The would-be job is for the attorney general, who, according to this guy, "wants people who can get the job done.”

    2. Alexis wants to go to Costa Rica, and Castle is basically like, "I can't hear the words you're saying."

    It's a study abroad thing, or something, and she needs Castle to write a big fat check. But he's having a crisis moment over which cover he should pick for his new book (aka he's stalling).

    3. And he comes up with really legit excuses as to why Alexis shouldn't go...

    4. And also uses the case of the week as an excuse to keep her close.

    5. Kate continues to hide her VIP job interview from everyone, including Castle.

    How she snuck off to D.C. for the morning without anyone knowing, we don't exactly know. But either way, Kate isn't telling a soul.

    6. But she forgot to tell her VIP job interviewer not to call her boss.

    7. But then Captain Gates is basically like, "You go, girl."

    Turns out, the Captain gives Kate a glowing endorsement, and wishes she could trade places with her. Cheers for ladies who help each other out!

    8. Castle makes an inappropriate joke about the vic of the week.

    I still LOL, though.

    9. Oh, and Kevin tells Javier that Jenny is pregnant.

    10. While Kate's cooking dinner, Castle stumbles upon her boarding pass, and the jig is up.

    They get in a heated argument, and Castle is basically pretty pissed that Kate lied to him.

    11. And Kate confesses to her dad that she really, really wants this VIP job, and is afraid that by taking it, she'll lose Castle.

    She was officially offered the job. And her dad tells her that she needs to be honest with Castle about it.

    12. And Momma Castle tells her son exactly how it is.

    Martha thinks that Kate has to take the job, and that Castle needs to figure out what he really wants out of this relationship.

    13. Castle has a change of heart and decides to sign a check so Alexis can travel to Costa Rica.

    But she can sense something is wrong with him, even if he isn't willing to fully share the details with his daughter.

    14. Then Castle and Kate meet in a park so they can "talk."

    15. And by "talk," I mean Castle proposes to Kate.

    This is basically the moment we've all been waiting for.

    16. And Kate doesn't know what to say, so we get no answer at all.

    Until the Castle 6 premiere this Monday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC! (She has to say, "Yes!!!"... right?)

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