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    If You Haven't Tried Café Con Leche, You Aren't Living Your Best Life

    The best part of waking up, is café con leche in your cup!

    Question: Is café con leche better than all other versions of coffee?

    ANSWER: Yes, because this is not just coffee. It's coffee with sugar and steamed milk and it will actually give you life.

    Some people wake up, take a sip, and then dip buttered toast into their café con leche because they're incredibly smart.

    Like, tell me you don't want to pick up that Cuban bread and dip it in.

    While others start their mornings with café and a medialuna, just to switch things up.

    But the truth is you don't need anything to other than your café con leche to wake up to because it's perfect all on its own.

    Sometimes you'll order a café and have to add some sugar to it, because not everyone makes it as perfectly as you can.

    Other times it comes with a little shape on top to remind you that what you're about to sip makes you a stronger human being.

    But mostly, you just have to take a moment of silence before each cup...

    That silence, like an offering to the café con leche gods, is filled with the warm and sweet smell of what you're about to taste.

    Because this isn't just the thing that allows you to wake up each morning, café con leche is also your BFF.