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Let's Face It, You Just Can't Get A Black Cat

Just the worst.

1. They're never fun to be around.

2. And they're already ferocious as kittens.

hersheyandbruno / Via

3. Ahhh! Stop this savage attack cat!

black_camelot / Via

4. Plus, there's nothing adorable about them.

mimii_de_merveilleux / Via

5. Like, just looking at them gives you seven years bad luck.

chihiroandfrank / Via

6. Feeling very unlucky RN.

7. Black cats will ruin your formal family photos.

jackthemischievous / Via

8. And they can't be trusted to pull off any kind of bow tie.

kuronekoshirobuhi / Via

9. You'll never get a funny photo of them.

10. Or a photo of a black cat looking majestic.

marina_ytc / Via

11. Definitely not a photo of a black cat looking sleek and gorgeous.

hhoustatlantavegas / Via

12. Halloween with a black cat will ACTUALLY scare you to death.

missbat13 / Via

13. Plus, they SCARE other animals.

hhoustatlantavegas / Via

14. And they'll never EVER be affectionate.

wendydartt / Via

15. It's not like they have adorable little tongues to redeem all that bad luck.

mimi__thecatt / Via

16. Or paws so small and perfect they could reverse the bad karma.

midnanightmare / Via

17. Sigh, there's just no helping black cats.

photoboobooth / Via

Just. Bad. Luck.

agakoartstuff / Via