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    Beyoncé's Pregnancy Photo Is Now A Giant Mural, Because Why Not

    We are not worthy!

    We all remember where we were when the pregnancy photo heard 'round the world dropped.

    beyonce / Via

    I was at my computer, eating something, and then my life was forever changed.

    Well, now Beyoncé and her twins are in giant mural form.

    lushsux / Via

    The mural is in Melbourne, Australia, and is five stories high.

    beyonceaus / Via

    Created by artist Lushsux, who also posed in front of it à la the Queen.

    And not surprisingly, other fans have followed suit.

    tommyjackett / Via

    I mean, how could you NOT pose in front of it?

    bychloesue / Via


    beyonce / Via lushsux

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