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    40 Beautiful Wedding Bands That Are To Die For

    The engagement ring isn't the only thing that shines on your ring finger.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Clara Band, $1,590

    The diamonds pop because of a little blackened gold in the background.

    2. Vintage Dior Diamond and Ruby Band With Braided Accents, $1,150

    The 18K yellow gold band is circa the 20th century.

    3. Ruby and Diamond Band In Rose Gold, $800

    This one could perfectly stack or live on it's own, too!

    4. Diamond Twinkle Band, $440

    Available in rose, white, and yellow gold.

    5. Art Deco-inspired Chevron Band, $800

    The chevron pattern covers three sides of the band.

    6. The Eternity Heart Band, $85

    This one is so sweet.

    7. White Diamond Heart Ring, $800

    Sparkle sparkle!

    8. Narrow Branch Wedding Band in Silver, $125

    9. Opal and Tanzanite Four-Step Ring, $419

    14K yellow gold with subtle pops of color make this one shine.

    10. Pave Emerald Ring, $800

    This design is also available in ruby, sapphire, and black diamonds.

    11. This Diamond Cut Gold Band, $300

    It's 18K gold, and will shimmer in the light because of the cool cut.

    12. Art Nouveau Rose Gold Ring, $320

    This is so dainty and sweet, especially when paired with a more classic engagement ring.

    13. Curved Wedding Ring, $385

    The curve of the ring allows room for that big rock to shine!

    14. Rough Diamond and Sterling Silver Half-Eternity Band, $490

    These conflict-free diamonds may be rough around the edges, but they're all kinds of beautiful.

    15. Variance Objects Ombre Band Ring, $90

    No two of these bands is exactly alike, and it really highlights the natural beauty of the mixed metals.

    16. Sonoma Wedding Band, $2,550

    This 18K yellow gold band features twenty-four Rose Cut diamonds. Wowza!

    17. Rose Gold Wedding Band, $545

    The design is carved into the ring with a small chisel, and then blackened so it pops beautifully against the rose gold.

    18. Turquoise Wedding Band, $674

    The turquoise really compliments those white diamonds, right?!

    19. Antique Platinum Diamond Half Hoop Ring, $770

    This ring from the 1930s is 18K gold and features marquis shape diamonds.

    20. Textured Gold Band, $375

    Why not opt for a little subtle texture to add depth to your ring finger?

    21. Tiniest Diamond Ring, $470

    This band won't upstage your engagement ring, but it will add some needed texture and sparkle.

    22. Bezel Diamond Love Ring in White Gold, $125

    23. Citrine Rise Ring, $253

    You know what's better than a delicate ring? A delicate AND sophisticated one.

    24. Plume Stackable Diamond Band Ring, $1,990

    If you want a little edge and glam, this yellow gold and white diamond band is a great bet.

    25. Personalized natural wood ring, $150

    These rings are made to order and can be inscribed with whatever words you like!

    26. A traditional wring with a fingerprint wrap, $195

    That's right, you can have your partner's fingerprint (yes, their actual print) on the inside of your ring. Brent & Jess have an amazing selection of wedding bands with the option to add a fingerprint, which is a super personal way to step your ring game up.

    27. The Ties That Bind Band, $150

    Available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold!

    28. Tourmaline Slide Ring, $147

    This hand-carved ring is so unique and special — have you ever seen anything like it?!

    29. Diamond & Platinum Leaf Band, $3,320

    The best part of this cuff ring is how each end points to the engagement ring.

    30. Senna Narrow Band, $347

    Who needs jewels when you have this beauty?

    31. Loved Ring, $420

    On one side you're Loved, and on the other you've got two diamonds. Basically, you're winning all around.

    32. Triple Diamond Speckled Band, $400

    The small details in these bands are really what catches the eye, and they come in plenty of color options!

    33. Baguette Diamond Fireworks Band, $1,000

    Baguette diamonds never looked so pretty.

    34. The Diamond Solstice Band, $2,200

    With an incredibly chic design, this band stands almost on its own.

    35. Twig Ring, $350

    Available in gold or rose gold, this lovely band is perfect for nature lovers.

    36. The Melanie Ring, $1,395

    Like a mini crown for your hand!

    37. Heartbeat Rings, $200

    The love of your life has your heart, and vice versa, so these heartbeat rings, that line up and connect together, are a really sweet tribute to that.

    38. Light Blue Ombre Sapphire Halo Ring, $2,134

    This looks like something out of a fairytale, right?

    39. Diamond and Sapphire Stack Ring, $670

    White diamonds and blue sapphires give this band its regal feel.

    40. Diamond Amour Ring, $800

    An inscription around the ring reads, "Amour dure sans fin," which translates to, "Love lasts eternally."