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40 Beautiful Wedding Bands That Are To Die For

The engagement ring isn't the only thing that shines on your ring finger.

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15. Variance Objects Ombre Band Ring, $90

No two of these bands is exactly alike, and it really highlights the natural beauty of the mixed metals.


19. Antique Platinum Diamond Half Hoop Ring, $770

This ring from the 1930s is 18K gold and features marquis shape diamonds.


26. A traditional wring with a fingerprint wrap, $195

That's right, you can have your partner's fingerprint (yes, their actual print) on the inside of your ring. Brent & Jess have an amazing selection of wedding bands with the option to add a fingerprint, which is a super personal way to step your ring game up.

32. Triple Diamond Speckled Band, $400

The small details in these bands are really what catches the eye, and they come in plenty of color options!

37. Heartbeat Rings, $200

The love of your life has your heart, and vice versa, so these heartbeat rings, that line up and connect together, are a really sweet tribute to that.


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