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Amy Sedaris Has The Weirdest And Most Delightful Instagram Ever

Do you like bunnies? How about cold sores?

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1. This is Amy Sedaris: she's hilarious, a national treasure, and an Instagram game-changer.

She's also an actress (Strangers with Candy, anyone?), playwright (Book of Liz, anyone?), and author (come on, if you don't own I Like You then do yourself a favor and order it now).

2. Like, she showed us the fucking LIGHT when she unveiled footie stockings.

You mean I can wear stockings in-between my toes? INCREDIBLE.

3. She shares exclusive sneak peeks at all of her latest modeling campaigns.

4. As well as art (?) installations of cold sores!

"It's not a cold sore! I bumped my lip on a biscuit!"

5. Her #TBT pics are allll about dat Strangers with Candy time.

::: softly whispers, "Pee on me." :::

6. See what I mean?

::: loudly chants "PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!" :::

7. She does a lot of arts and crafts too, like this adorable mouse friend!

9. And dissecting Land-o-Lakes packages with a box cutter for no apparent reason.

So innovative. So breathtaking. So many questions.

10. Oh, wait, she may be using them as some sort of seasoning on this baked potato...

Her baked potato game is ON. POINT.

11. Then there's her love of bunnies. She has a few, including this dude, Dean.

12. She's even got a FELT version of him, so that he can travel with her and go to brunch and things*.

*I'm guessing.

13. And another felt bunny, just for shits.

This one's a little creepy, but it's Halloween season, so really, it's on point.

14. She also shares glimpses of her home decor, like this stunning sausage plate flanked by images of squirrels.

15. Or these false lashes in her trashcan.

17. And understands that sometimes a sensible squirrel donning her Sunday best can brighten up anyone's day.

18. Did I mention that she likes to craft dollhouse furniture?

Note the broom and witch shoes, please.

19. Specifically for witches.

This witch fell off her broom and now has to use crutches, but the whiskey gets her through it.

20. Honestly, I have no idea if she made this sausage cabin. But it's a SAUSAGE. CABIN.

21. Sometimes she travels, to places like Salem, Massachusetts, and visits witch trial museums.

That's a witch. On trial.

22. Or to Tokyo, where she takes pics of mushrooms.

They are pretty cool, TBH.

23. But really, you just need to follow Amy because she makes weird things glamorous.

24. And really embraces the fact that the greener the eye shadow, the more beautiful the photo.

25. Plus there's just oodles of SFW nudity, and that is a gift that never gets old.

26. Thank you, Amy Sedaris, for joining Instagram and making the world explode into a thousand pizza rainbows.

Follow Amy here. Live a better life. <3

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