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    These "How To Get Away With Murder" Stars Are BFFs In Real Life

    It's so freaking cute I could die. NOT LITERALLY, DON'T KILL ME, LADIES.

    First of all, this is a Shondaland show on ABC called How to Get Away With Murder. It is basically everything.


    And these two actresses are Karla Souza and Aja King.


    Love them both, love their terrifying lives.

    On the show, Aja plays preppy Michaela, and Karla plays quiet Laurel. They hate each other, basically.


    To be fair, every week they're gunning (no pun intended) for this TROPHY that their professor lords over them. So, yeah, I'd hate everyone too.

    1. But IRL, they're total besties and take adorable selfies like this:

    2. Sometimes they switch it up and take SNEAKY photos of each other, which is even cuter.

    3. Behold, Aja and Karla lying on some friendship bed, watching Netflix, and eating pizza. (I hope.)

    4. And behold even closer, now off the friendship bed and sitting in friendship chairs, their twin-like smiles filling the world with rainbows.

    5. Sometimes other people join their selfies, which makes Aja and Karla impossibly sad. (And understandably so, tbh.)

    Like, there is no space between Aja and Karla, and yet an entire river of NOPE between Karla and Alfie Enoch.

    Go away, Alfie, get gone.

    6. These "others" TRY so hard to fit in with the besties...

    But the truth is, photos are just better in pairs, let's be honest here.

    And by pairs, I mean Karla and Aja specifically.

    7. Oh, and look at the SHADE Aja's laying down in this pic.

    8. But in TRUE bestie fashion, they shake those other people off and just focus on having fun times with each other.

    9. And taking more ~flawless~ selfies together.

    10. Like, seriously, their perfection is almost unfair at this point. (NOT COMPLAINING, JUST SAYING)

    11. But the real beauty of their friendship is that Aja and Karla aren't just BFF actresses...

    12. Because they root for each other, just like you'd do with your own bestie.

    13. And most importantly, they're total goofs and make each other laugh.

    Shonda, if you're reading this: It's so adorable that I kinda hope it becomes a very special episode of How to Get Away With Murder soon...

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